Exit Strategy Planning

An Exit Strategy is your plan for leaving the business. The exit plan is a complete and comprehensive document that guides the decision-making process and addresses how a business owner will make crucial decisions to successfully facilitate the transition of leaving or exiting their business.

An exit planning team of advisors can help alleviate the stress of selling your business and help you prepare to leave your company - while you focus on running your business efficiently and increasing profits, so you receive the best possible price.

There are eight primary types of exit strategies from which you must consider. Obviously there are many variations or combinations of these eight strategies.

  • Selling to a Strategic Partner
  • Selling to a Financial Buyer
  • Going Public
  • Selling to Your Heirs
  • Selling to Your Employees
  • Liquidating Your Assets
  • Enforced Liquidation
  • Manage for Life

Determine what you want your future to be. Take control and plan ahead with an effective exit startegy.